Egyptian Civilians Killed Over Clashes Stemming From Soccer Stadium Disaster

Egyptian Soccer Stadium DisasterPORT SAID/CAIRO EGYPT: At least 26 Egyptians were killed on Saturday as they  rampaged to protest the sentencing of 21  Egyptians, who are facing execution because of a soccer stadium disaster where 74 people died, adding to bloody turmoil in the streets where people are confronting Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.

Military police and armored vehicles drove through the streets following the uproar. The state news agency quoted a military general who said that they were focused to  “establish calm and stability in Port Said and to protect public institutions”.

Unrest emerged with national rallies  Friday to remember the second-anniversary of Hosni Mubarak, being removed from office.

As violence related to the anniversary subsided, another outbreak hit Port Said when a court sentenced 21 men to death for their involvement in the deaths of 74 following a soccer match on Feb 1, 2012 – many of them were fans of the team visiting.

Locals ran through the streets outraged that the men from their city were being blamed for the disaster at the stadium, and there was a report of gunshots, where the majority of the defendants were being held.

According to security sources, 26 people – 2, possibly more, were policemen – were murdered. State television reports, claim that over 200 people were wounded.

On Friday, at least nine people died in police clashes, mostly in the port of Suez where the army has also been deployed. Hundreds of Egyptian civilians were hurt when police poured tear gas on the protesters, who were armed with some petrol bombs and stones. The clashes between secular Egyptians and Islamists is hampering efforts by President Mursi, to revive the economy in crisis.





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