Dr. Phil Acknowledges Self-Confidence Building Program

In the same way that interaction with a horse allowed Jakob, Dr. Phil’s guest, to be able to accomplish a major challenge and build self-confidence while becoming more in tune to his own abilities, Equine Alchemy in New York assists people to move from simply managing tasks and relationships to becoming connected to all aspects of work, life and self.

Working with horses provides the fast track to moving through the steps of revealing and connecting with your true self.  Horses also provide the ultimate reality check to how a person is actually ‘being’ and what is really being put across to others.

In this way, they are also excellent teachers of leadership.  Equine Alchemy’s  equine-assisted Personal Leadership programs partner with horses for

*   Powerful Communication–verbally, non-verbally, listening and understanding

*   The ability to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries

*   Emotional and Energetic agility–the ability to recognize and manage emotional, physical, and mental awareness simultaneously

To read more about this episode on The Dr. Phil Show: http://drphil.com/slideshows/slideshow/5948/?id=5948&sli …=

To see video of Jakob and his horse:  http://drphil.com/slideshows/slideshow/5948/?id=5948&sli …=

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