Diary Describes Dog Abuse

DiaryA woman in Wisconsin who is accused of abusing and her killing her boyfriend’s dog apparently kept a detailed diary wherein she outlined the pleasure she got from watching the pet whimper in pain and cry out.

Sean D. Janas, has been accused off mistreating, poisoning, them killing her boyfriends four-year old Shepherd-Labrador cross.

The investigation started when a neighbour living downstairs of the Marathon County Wisconsin home of Janas and her boyfriend Steven J. Kuick, reported to local police that he had heard Janas yelling at the whimpering dog on June 4, and later that day found a puddle of blood in the back yard.

The police say that another neighbour reported to them that he had seen Janas hit the dog repeatedly with a leash, then stab him with what appeared to be a knife. Shortly after, he heard from Janas’ boyfriend that his dog had died.

Police said that while they were investigating Janas’ apartment they found blood in the garage and on the steps, along with blankets soaked in blood on what was apparently a dog sweater full of holes and blood.

When he was questioned by the police Kuick said that he had come home and found the bloodied dog dead on the step. His girlfriend said that she had put the dog outside. Later Janas said that she heard him crying and then she found him dead.

The vet confirmed that the pet had cuts all over his body from knife wounds and had also apparently been poisoned.

Janas’ diary was found by Kuick’s father, wherein she had written that she had to kill the dog and make it look as though she didn’t do it. She also wrote “I’ve done lots of things already. I’ve given her Drano bleach & a lot of pain pills lol one night she got all tweaked out because of it, it was so funny.” 

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