Countdown To Getting A Halloween Costume

Halloween costumesHalloween will be here in a couple of weeks, so the clock is ticking to get a Halloween costume ready. According to spokeswoman for Value Village Canada and the United States, Sara Gaugl,some shoppers start thinking about it a month and a half before, while others wait until the week before.

Yet, 54% of 1,000 adults polled last spring planned on wearing a costume on Oct 31.

Some of the most popular looks for 2012 , according to Gaugl are:

Story book Characters

Usually television movies and shows always provide inspiration, but his year they are inspiring more than usual. Last year, 25% of costumes were inspired by movies, but this year it is 40%.

Thanks to blockbuster movies like Spider-man, Mirror Mirror, The Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman, not to mention the hit TV series Once Upon a Time (which according to the study will inspire 20% of costumes in 2012) and The Avengers, fair maidens, fictional villains, and superheroes are trending for both adults and children alike.


Zombie costumes technically fit into the story book characters – chances are you have seen the dozen or so Zombie movies recently released or The Walking Dead TV series – but zombies have evolved.

31% of respondents in the survey named zombies as the best television inspired costume – especially teens.

Pop Culture

Remember when everyone at one time wanted to be Lady Gaga on Halloween? The pop megastar still inspires look-alike costumes, but any singer with funky coloured hair will do – such as Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry.


There is nothing wrong with a traditional look. Clown or pirate costumes are top sellers at Value Village every year, according to Gaugl.


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