Corporate Lawyers Threaten Montreal Borough Over Billboard Ban

Montreal, Canada – Lawyers sent a letter this week to Plateau Mont-Royal Borough to scrap its plans of banning billboards. Projet Montréal council members revealed its intentions last month to tear down all 45 billboards in the borough with a new bylaw.

Media giants CBS, Astral and Pattison own the billboards and have no interest in just relinquishing their business without a fight.

Jeannot Lefebvre, who speaks for the industry group, promises a long legal battle if Plateau Mont-Royal borough insists on pursuing their intention – a legal battle that will cost the taxpayers. She claims it is an attack on freedom of expression and her group is ready to take up the fight.  “We won’t stop, and we will get to the end and citizens will pay. That’s for sure,” said Lefebvre.

Councilor Alex Norris is not shaken by the threat of legal proceeding. He believes it is a battle they would lose both in the legal courts and that of public opinion. If such is the intention of the council, they have public interests to listen to rather than legal threats from corporations.

“People are tired of these eyesores,” Norris said.

Norris was given the green light to move forward after city lawyers reviewed the matter.

“We’re here to represent the public interest and the public is solidly behind us on this initiative,” said Norris confidently. Plateau Mont-Royal borough will vote on the bylaw this coming Monday.

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