Christian Dating Sites Gaining Popularity

Christian Dating Site
Christian Dating Site

A recent trend is seeing large number of Christian Dating Sites gaining popularity over the internet. Christians worldwide are logging on to these sites in order to find a partner and a soul mate with the same faith.

Millions of monthly visitors are thronging the web pages of the dating sites like, Christian Connection, Big Church and Single Christian Network. Christian dating sites tend to collect the information on user’s background by making them fill out religious surveys and asking deeper faith questions. Most other secular sites simply have an option to choose whether you are a Christian or not.

Christian Dating sites do not encourage sex topics with their dates. According to one of the famous Christian dating site,, sex is an act that demands respect and should be discussed only under the marriage walls.

Online dating has become the mainstream among the American Christian singles and has led to numerous happy marriages of the current time. There are 54 million singles in the United States and while dating they are in the search of a partner with whom they can share their faith. Christian churches have also taken a step forth to organize events exclusively for singles so that they can meet and enter into a relationship.

While many websites have a monthly membership fees, there are many free Christian dating websites as well. One of the most popular free website with 200,000 active members as of August, 2011 is .This is double the number of people joining other secular sites.

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