China Is Planning A Manned Space Flight In June

Rocket Space flight China has reported that it intends to complete a manned space flight sometime in the middle of June.

According to reports provided to Xinhua, a state news agency, it will transport – three astronauts, which will include possibly one woman – to the Tiangong 1 space station module.

This will be the fourth manned space flight carried out by China, and the countries first one since 2008.

In 2003, China was the third country globally to ever send a man into outer-space independently.

Galactic Plans

In 2011, China carried out a difficult unmanned space docking maneuver when a space craft was docked with the Tiangong 1, via remote control.

The astronauts, traveling aboard the Shenzhou 9 will also be docking with the Tiangong 1, which is an experimental module that is presently orbiting Earth, and will be carrying out scientific experiments while they are on board.

The Xinhua report stated that Niu Hongguang, the deputy commander-in-chief of the countries manned spaced programs, says that the crew may consist of female astronauts.

The latest mission is part of the countries’ space program’s plans to develop a complete orbiting space station.

Bejing plans to have the 60-tonne manned station completed by 2020.

Previously, China was refused by the International Space Station, a much larger space flight project, that is managed by 16 nations. It was reported that China was turned away following objections of the countries participation by the United States.

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