Charlie Sheen To Liven Up The MTV Movie Awards

Charlie Sheen According to recent reports, a new Angry Birds theme park is supposed to be opening in the UK during the summer.

The popular mobile phone game will get a second theme park, which will open at the end of the summer in the town of Nottingham, according to reports in the UK’s Daily Telegraph, and will be targeted specifically to small children.

Similar to the first theme park, it will be built in a section of a separate theme park called the Sundown Adventureland, according to the Telegraph’s report.

Guests at the park will be able to play on Angry Bird themed roundabouts, swings, climbing towers, giant dummy catapults, and sandpits, with the goal to get small children out in the fresh air, running around.

The park manager at Sundown Adventureland, said that although the park is geared towards young children, it is eager to welcome families as well.

Earlier in June the world’s first theme park opened in the Särkänniemi park in Finland, the home country of Rovio, the app’s author.

Executives of Rovio have spoken recently about wanting to create parks to tackle the growing problem of childhood obesity in the Western countries, by getting children to interact with technology that encourages them to run around and get exercise.

The park in Finland will have a section where exclusive parts of the phone app can be downloaded. It was expected to be completed in time for the June 8 opening.

According to the Telegraph, More Angry Bird theme parks are expected to open in the future.

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