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Ireland Urged Irish Nationals To Flee Benghazi


Ireland has joined Germany, Britain, as well as, the Netherlands and has urged Irish nationals to flee Benghazi in  eastern Libyan because of  to a direct threat to western civilizations. Yesterday, on its website, the Department of Foreign Affairs issued a travel advisory  where  it advised against travelling to the city and urged nationals to […]

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US Embassy Suicide Bombing In Turkish Capital Kills 2

suicide bomber

ANKARA, Turkey — A suicide bomber killed a Turkish security guard and himself on Friday at the American Embassy in Ankara in what has been described bz the the White House as a terrorist attack. According to Turkish officials, the blast was connected to domestic militants. The U.S. immediately warned all Americans to stay away […]

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Hillary Clinton Hospitalized For A Blood Clot

On Sunday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hospitalized for a blood clot during a follow-up examination in relation to a concussion she suffered earlier this month. Clinton is expected to stay at the New York Presbyterian Hospital for the next two-days so doctors can monitor her condition and provide treatment with anticoagulants, according to […]

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Man With A Gun Holds It To The Head Bulgarian Leader During Speech

Gas gun

A man armed with a gas pistol exploded onto the stage pointing it at the head of a Bulgarian politician during a televised caucus party speech on Saturday Jan 19. The politician, Ahmed Dogan, 58, who is the leader of the Movement for Right’s and Freedoms party, set to retire soon, punched the gun-wielding attacker before he could […]

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NHL LOCKOUT – NHL Players And Owners Continue Talks On New Year’s Day

NHL Lockout

The push to reach a deal to save a shortened NHL season continued between NHL players and owners on New Year’s Day. The union and league were getting ready for a full-day of talks as the deadline looms to reach a new bargaining agreement. After the counter-proposal was presented on Monday by the NHLPA, little […]

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Murder Plot To Kill Justin Bieber With Paisley Pattern Neck Tie Foiled By Police

Murder Plot To Kill Justin Bieber With Paisley Pattern Neck

A convicted murderer, fixated on Justin Bieber, hired two men to kill him by strangling the young pop sensation, but informed the police of his deadly plot before it could be completed. The convict, Dana Martin, 45, is currently serving two life sentences at a corrections facility at Las Cruces in Southern New Mexico for […]

December 28th, 2012 | Posted in General | Read More »

Conneticut School Shooting Entices President Obama To Push For Gun Control

Gun Control

WASHINGTON – President Obama seemed like a president unleashed Wednesday when he invoked the shooting tragedy in Connecticut not only to discuss gun control, but to tell Republicans to “peel off the partisan war paint,” accept that he was the winner of the election and get working on averting a fiscal calamity. He said, “Goodness, […]

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Fox Uses Santa To Insert New Clause In Argument Against ‘War On Christmas’

War on Christmas

Fox News’ coverage of the so-called “war on Christmas” took a turn on Thursday when an actor appeared on Fox and Friends to share stories about secular authorities’ alleged attack on Christmas traditions. Santa Clause actor Sal Lizard, talked to anchors Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy, and explained how growing political correctness in the United […]

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Dead Sea Scrolls Library Launched Online By Israel And Google

Dead Sea Scrolls

JERUSALEM – Over sixty years since the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered – and thousands of years after they were written – Israel put 5,000 images of the biblical artifacts online, together with Google. The library contains the Book of Deuteronomy, which includes a second listing of the 10 Commandments, and parts of Genesis, dated […]

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UFC Star Mark Hominick Retires After 15 Years

UFC Star Mark Hominick retires

Mark Hominick, the self-proclaimed “15-year overnight sensation,” competed in the UFC Championship octagon for the last time. One of the most popular stars in UFC history, announced on Tuesday that he is calling it quits after 32 fights, seven of which took place in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A married father of one child, a […]

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