Canadian Airlines Forced To Display All-In Ticket Prices Or Receive $25,000 Fine

Canadian Airlines forced to display all-in ticket priceThe Canadian federal government says that all advertised airfare flights originating in Canada have to have all relevant fees displayed in all-in ticket prices, so travelers can understand the entire cost for them to fly.

Denis Lebel, the Transport Minister, said on Tuesday that prices advertised to the public have to include all fees, taxes and any other charges so it is clear to the consumer the total cost, with no hidden fees.

The changes apply to advertisements in any media for travel services originating from, or within Canada. Repeat offenders face the possibility of a fine up to $25,000.

The all-in prices don’t have to include fees for optional amenities or services like in-flight entertainment, baggage, beverages and meals. However, the price of options must include taxes in the display.

Excluded from the amendments are packaged travel services, charter services booked through corporate travel offices, and flights originating outside of Canada.

Lebel said that they were protecting Canadian air travelers by letting them see, up front, the entire cost of airplane tickets, so they are able to make informed travel choices.

Additionally, Lebel said these new regulations will promote fair competition and benefit consumers by ensuring advertising that is transparent.

The Canadian Transportation Agency developed the new all-in ticket prices after it consulted with consumer and industry interest groups, and additionally met with foreign and provincial government officials. Some airlines said earlier in 2012 that they would move to the new way before they were made official. An organization that represents Canada’s major airlines issued a statement on Tuesday welcoming the amendments.

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