Apple’s iPhone 5 ranks 5th In User Satisfaction In The U.S.

Apple’s iPhone 5 ranks 5th In User Satisfaction The “5″ in the iPhone 5 name stands for more than being the fifth generation iPhone. It also represents it being fifth in customer satisfaction, which is exactly where Apple’s latest handset placed in a report from OnDevice Research.

In a poll completed of more than 320,000 table and smartphone users in six countries – 93,825 of them living in the United States – OnDevice Research discovered that Android cell phones were the champions in the major mobile markets.

In the U.S., four different Android devices beat Apple’s iPhone 5. In spite of  scoring an 8.23 in user satisfaction, Apple’s iPhone 5 fell below Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 (with an 8.26 user satisfaction score), the HTC Rezound (8.32), and Motorola’s Droid Razr M (8.5) and Atrix HD (8.57).

The top spot went to the Atrix HD in customer satisfaction where coincidentally it was the only budget-sensitive hand set listed. Maybe lowered expectations of the cheaper device gave it a boost by providing surprisingly good results for its owners.

Across the waters, Apple did a little better. In the U.K. the iPhone 5 had a customer satisfaction score of 8.21, coming in second to HTC’s One X which got a 8.47 score. The top five smartphones for the U.K. was rounded out with a complete Samsung line up of the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S 3 Mini, and Galaxy S 3.

The bonus for Apple’s iPhone 5 would be that if one was to combine the complete rankings, which includes data from Indonesia, Japan, Germany, France, the U.K., and  the U.S., and takes a look at overall hand set satisfaction, the Cupertino company still rules. As a company, Apple Inc. got first prize over the entire survey, followed by Google, although Google does not actually manufacture any cell phones. Coming in last overall in smartphone satisfaction was Samsung, although there was no data or reasoning to say why.

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