Andy Rooney: Time to Retire

Andy Rooney
Andy Rooney

It was on Tuesday afternoon that the news of Andy Rooney retiring from “60 Minutes” broke out. Rooney who joined the CBS network in 1940’s and was the “60 Minutes” part since 1978 will bring an end to his veteran commentator career. He is now 92 years of age and it is about time for him to retire.

Rooney will be announcing his signing off in his weekly show on Sunday, said the CBS Corp. The show will feature a retrospective interview of Andy with Morley Safer his long time “60 Minutes” colleague. It will then be concluded with 1097th original and final essay of Rooney.

He has always maintained 7 days a week work schedule and knew how to utilize his free time.

Chairman of CBS Network and Executive Producer of “60 Minutes” show, Jeff Fager said in a formal announcement that there can be no one like Andy ever.

Despite his essays have irritated people quite a few times and his comments on some of the social issues were mean, he is a television icon.

Rooney was the World War II war correspondent and later joined CBS News as a writer for the Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts.

Andy Rooney had stated in an interview earlier this year that he would never retire voluntarily as he loves to compose his commentaries for “60 Minutes”, then is this a voluntary retirement? Recently, Rooney’s commentaries were cut short and removed from the show by CBS to let other reports make place.

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