Air Transat To Be First Canadian Airline Company To Offer Haiti Vacation Packages

Air Transat to offer Haiti vacation packagesCanadians will have an additional travel option this winter when Air Transat A.T., a tour operator, begins to launch vacation packages to Haiti, a country attempting to revive its tourism numbers almost three years after it suffered the infamous deadly earthquake, that killed thousands and left many homeless.

Transat is the first company to offer a limited number of seven-day vacations leaving from Montreal Quebec, starting Jan 23. The package deals will combine two nights in the capital city Port-au-Prince, and the remaining five days on the beaches of the Cote desArcadins.

The tour package offers visits for tourists, accompanied by a guide, to theme routes, museums, natural and historic sites, seaside and sports activities.

The Transat Tours Canada general manager said that more travelers want to enjoy “an enriching human experience,” when they take a sun vacation.

Currently, Air Transat and Air Canada offer one return flight to Haiti each week. Only around 30 of Transat’s approximate 1,000 seats each month will be available for Haiti tour packages.

The packages will include two meals every day, and double occupancy rooms ranging between $1,379 to $1,600 per person tax included.

Stephanie Balmir said that tourism is a vital part of socio-economic development, and the Haitian government hopes tourism’s’ development will happen in a responsible way taking into account both the protection of the environment and the needs of countries’ people.

The tourism minister in Haiti said that the island country was building up its tourism business by associating with partners such as Air Transat.

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