A Good Day To Die Hard May Make $55 million.

A Good Day To Die HardIt has been 25 years since Bruce Willis made the first movie in the franchise, and it appears that he is going to rule the box office again playing grizzled New York City cop John McLane. “A Good Day to Die Hard.”

The fifth movie in the action franchise that transformed Willis from a television star to a movie star in 1988 may make as much as $55 million by Monday evening, according to The Los Angeles Times.

20th Century Fox estimated a weekend close to $40 million for the new “Die Hard,” which was released by them in theaters on Wednesday.

“A Good Day to Die Hard” received the worst review of the series, sitting at 12% on the “Tomatometer,” which aggregates critic reviews. However, similar to “Identity Thief,” last weekend’s #1 movie, it will be critic-proof with moviegoers.

IMBD.com’s Keith Simanton told MTV News, “If Identity Thief has taught us anything, it’s that quality and box office do not need to pair up.”

Simanton predicts $44 million for “A Good Day to Die Hard,” which sees Willis’ character paired up with his son (played by Jai Courtney).

During an interview with MTV News, Willis told reporters that the onscreen relationship is not much different than that of father-son relationships in real life. 2007’s movie “Live Free or Die Hard,” included McLane’s adult daughter. The rating – PG13 – prevented the complete inclusion of his character’s signature catchphrase last time: however, this movie is rated R.  Some theatres held a “Die Hard Marathon.”

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