3,000 Flights Cancelled As A Blizzard Blows Into the Northeast U.S.

Flights Cancelled northeastern U.S.A ferocious blizzard blew into the northeastern United States Friday, which brought white-out conditions to some areas of New England and is threatening to drop a record amount of snow in the Boston area. Causing over 3,000 flights to be cancelled.

American authorities raced to get ready for the blizzard, which had started a major traffic pile-up in the southern part of Maine, and caused organizers of the sledding championship races there to postpone a Saturday race because of the fear of too much snow.

From Maine to New York, the blizzard began slowly, with only slight drops of snow, but authorities urged people to stay at home, and not risk getting snowed into drifts once the storm picked up Friday afternoon.

Even at the beginning, panic was created by the storm. People swamped the grocery stores to stock up on milk and bread and lined up to fill their tanks at gas stations; many travelers had to deal with cancellations and flight delays.

The edge of the storm earlier in the day led to a pile-up of 19 vehicles in southern Maine, screwing up traffic on an interstate highway north of Portland Oregon; however, there were no major injuries.

Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the Police in Maine said, “It was close to whiteout conditions, it’s sort of a precursor of what’s coming later.”

American officials across the area cancelled over 3,000 flights and closed schools. Several thousand people lost access to power in New Jersey southward, and authorities are warning that this number will increase as the winds pick up and more snow falls.


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