3 People Are Dead After 5 Family Members Were Shot

ShootingDOWNEY, Calif. – Five family members were shot and three died Wednesday in attacks at a residence and business in a Los Angeles suburb, according to police.

The shootings happened at a business called United States Fire Protection Services and private home where members of the family and the owner live, according to police Lt. Dean Milligan.

Milligan said that a man and woman were found dead at the business, and a woman was killed at the home. Two other victims of the shooting, which included a 13-year old boy, were in stable condition.

It was unknown how all the victims were related to each other. A little boy, aged 4 or 5 also related to them, was found unharmed.

Milligan said that police were searching for a gunman who had apparently escaped the scene in a black Camaro that belonged to a victim or a family member of a victim.

The surviving victims did not know the shooter,and don’t believe that he is a former employee, friend of the family or a former family friend, Milligan said.

The motive is also unknown; however, a random attack has been ruled out because the shootings happened at different locations, but targeted the same family. Milligan said that the police believe there is a specific reason this particular family was targeted, and they want to know what that reason is.

No witnesses had come forward and police are looking at surveillance camera footage, hoping it will show them a glimpse of the shooter.

 Two emergency service calls were received by police about the attacks shortly after 11 a.m. – one from the business and one from the house, made by the 13-year old survivor.

.No witnesses have come forward and police were reviewing surveillance camera footage in hopes it would give them a glimpse of the shooter. It is believed by police that the suspect spoke briefly with the victims at the residence and the business.

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