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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle – DIY Motivation

healthy lifestyle

The journey to attain a healthy lifestyle begins with creating healthy habits and making different choices as part of your daily routines. You do not need to completely overhaul your entire life all at once, you can make the changes gradually. The following three videos will give the tips you need to start building your […]

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Travel Destinations for Families, Couples and Retirees

Travel Destinations

If you’re planning a vacation, researching the best place takes time. So we have compiled some travel destination suggestions from various sources, for various groups of people including families, couples and retirees. We are starting out with dangerous tourist destinations in case they happen to be on your list of possible travel destinations. Tourist Destinations […]

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Trending News and Human Interest Stories 2015

trending news

Find out what’s trending now in the world news, celebrity news, and technology.  We’ve scoured the web to find what’s trending, and are sharing the highlights – see what’s going on today. On a lighter note, we will end with a fun video – the 10 fastest things in the world. Here’s what’s trending: Boys […]

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Information Technology News: Will IT End Life as We Know it?

information technology news

Some people think information technology news shows trends demonstrating that one day technical creatures will rule the earth. There are a lot of advancements in technology, as you will see in the videos and articles compiled below. However, one has to wonder if too much is not a good thing. Robot kills Volkswagen worker: technician […]

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How Strong is the Link Between Spirituality and Health?

Spirituality and health

Have you ever wondered about how strongly spirituality and health are connected? Whether you have or haven’t you’ll find what we found on the internet interesting. We have compiled points of view from the medical profession, different religions, and what’s being talked about on the subject in social media., Introduction: Spirituality and Health In this […]

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Small Business News From Around the World

small business news

Small business news is getting more relevant as the number of small businesses continues to rise. In fact, they are becoming more of a  force in the marketplace because entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds are taking advantage of the internet. Small business no longer means small, as you will see in small business news […]

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New Technologies Taking us Into the Future

New Technologies

New technologies will lead us into the future. Find out what’s new and amazing in 2015 –  What is MIT working on? What can we expect as far as gadgets and smartphones go, and how will new technologies with in-store marketing work out for consumers? Amazing Technology Invented By MIT – Tangible Media At the […]

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Latest Entertainment News and Summer Movie Blockbusters 2015

Latest Entertainment News

Check out the latest entertainment news . See what excursion Johnny Depp took while dressed in his full Jack Sparrow garb. Where Angelina went without Brad; and speaking of Angelina, find out why Hugh Jackman’s wife said he could never do a movie with her. Plus you’ll want to check out the summer’s blockbusters. Johnny […]

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Celebrity News and Gossip – Find out What’s Trending Now

Celebrity News and Gossip

It seems like we can’t get enough of celebrity news and gossip, so we have scoured the web to find what’s trending now. For the latest on what’s going on in the world of entertainment, check out what couples have split, what Donald’s Trump’s up to, and get a peak of Kim Kardashian’s baby ‘bump, […]

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