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Places to not miss, if you love historical structures

Places to not miss, if you love historical structures3

Places to not miss, if you love historical structures Every traveler has its taste when it comes to their idea of vacation. Some like to relax on a beach, some want their vacation to be filled with adventure, some just want to get out of the concrete jungle and soak in the nature`s lap, and […]

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James Bond To Drive Aston Martin DB10 In Spectre


James Bond is heading back to the big screen in the upcoming year, and the new movie has a name: Spectre. Spectre (SPECTRE) is an abbreviation for the Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, the global terrorist agency with a major role in James Bond stories. New cast members include Dave Bautista (Mr […]

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Substance In Red Wine Provides Health Benefits To Cardiovascular Patients


There have been a lot of reports about the health benefits of drinking red wine. Some pointed out that red wine is a zinger, while others revealed the health community wants us to believe it’s good for health because we like to drink it. However, two new studies reveal that a substance found in red […]

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North Korea Rejects Involvement Claims In Sony Hack


North Korea rejected its involvement in the cyber attack on Sony last week. The reports earlier in the week rumored that hackers affiliated with North Korea were behind the attack in retaliation to the film: The Interview. According to a report by Voice of America, an unidentified North Korean diplomat in New York stated that […]

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China’s Shanghai Composite Index Rises Most Since 2012


Trading volume in Chinese stock markets rose to a record on Wednesday. The Shanghai Composite Index climbed to 3.6 percent this week and 31.4 percent this year. The 0.06 percent rise in the market on Wednesday marked the 9th gain in 10 sessions. The value of shares traded increased to 529.4 billion yuan ($86.1 billion). […]

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UK-Based P2P Lender ‘ThinCats’ To Offer Loans To Australian Businesses


UK-based peer-to-peer business lender ‘ThinCats’ will start offering loans to small businesses in Australia through its web-based platform, after sophisticated and wholesale investors were welcomed to the site last week. The introduction of the platform comes as Equitise, a new equity crowdfunder, expects to facilitate its capital raisings in New Zealand for the first time […]

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Top 3 Travel Tech Gadgets For 2015


Frequent travelers see a wave of new gadgets released each year, but which ones are essential to them? The 2014 Consumer Reports survey of 1,044 US adults reveals that 94 percent of travelers bring electronic gadgets on vacation. Whatever your destination or your mode of travel, gadgets can make your trip more productive and bearable. […]

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EU Infrastructure Investment Plans Hoping To Create Jobs For A Million


EU authorities are gearing up to unveil an eagerly-awaited long-term investment plan this week with the aim of investing 315 billion euros into public infrastructure projects like communications, transportation and energy over the next three years. The plan, worth $460 billion if it reaches its target, is expected to create a million jobs and spur […]

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Apple Stock Dips By 6 Percent, Leaves Traders Surprised


Apple Inc stock suffered the largest price drop in three months after trading started on Monday. The most valuable brand in the world saw 6 percent taken off the company’s $700 billion market cap on an unusual volume spike, before it recovered enough to cut the loss by half. The sudden dip is still being […]

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Swiss Rejection Of Gold Is A Blow To Investors


Recently, Swiss voters reject the plan aimed at forcing the Swiss National Bank to buy gold in a large quantity, giving the financial institution some breathing space as it attempts to protect the national currency from a quantitative easing blitz. The Swiss government stated that 77 percent of voters in the recent referendum rejected the […]

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