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Fiscal Cliff – Still No Deal In Congress

Fiscal Cliff – Still No Deal In Congress

WASHINGTON – Taxes were expected to rise for a lot of Americans this week unless lawmakers could come to a last-minute deal Monday to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, an outcome that seems unlikely, but possible. Financial markets were edgy before midnight of the long-awaited cliff, a group of $600 billion in tax increases and […]

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Samsung Feud With Apple Ends In Europe

Samsung Apple feud

Samsung said that it would no longer try to get an injunction against Apple’s devices in Europe, as European and American authorities push the smartphone industry to rein in disputes over patents. Prior to the announcement on Tuesday, the European Commission was preparing to challenge the S. Korean company over what it considers to be […]

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Canadian Government Done With Medical Marijuana – Angering Health Professionals

medical marijuana

The Canadian federal government will be getting out of the medical marijuana business, a move that has angered physicians and pharmacists. Leona Aglukkaq, the Federal health minister announced on Sunday in Vancouver Canada that Health Canada will no longer distribute or produce medical marijuana. Instead, they will contract the work out to private companies, who […]

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Canadian Airlines Forced To Display All-In Ticket Prices Or Receive $25,000 Fine

Canadian Airlines forced to display all-in ticket price

The Canadian federal government says that all advertised airfare flights originating in Canada have to have all relevant fees displayed in all-in ticket prices, so travelers can understand the entire cost for them to fly. Denis Lebel, the Transport Minister, said on Tuesday that prices advertised to the public have to include all fees, taxes […]

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Prominence Of Islamist Groups Gaining In Syria Fight

Islamist Groups

BEIRUT – The engagement of the takeover takeover of Syria’s north military by Islamist groups is the latest example of how the increasing role of jihadist organizations are taking in the civil war to remove President Bashar Assad, according to experts. However, as the fighting has continued for months, the principal rebel groups that once […]

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HSBC Fined $2.3 Billion For Not Maintaining Controls To Prevent Criminal Activity

HSBC Fined $2.3 Billion

HSBC agreed to pay an unprecedented US$1.92 billion (NZ$2.3 billion) fine in order to settle a multi-year probe by U.S. prosecutors, who accused the biggest bank in Europe of not enforcing rules created to prevent the money laundering of criminal cash. HSBC Holdings has apologised and admitted to a breakdown of controls in a statement […]

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Fake Video Of An Eagle Stealing A Baby Fooled The World

Fake Video Of An Eagle Stealing A Baby

MONTREAL – A video of an eagle plucking a baby off the ground was acknowledged as fake on Wednesday by its creators. The admission followed millions of views on YouTube and dozens of news reports by media around the world. The baby stealing eagle video was actually a class project of a group of students […]

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Frustration Settling In Over United States ‘Fiscal Cliff” Talks

Fiscal Cliff talks

Negotiations between the White House and congressional Republicans hit a wall, with both parties voicing frustration at the lack of progress made to avert the “fiscal cliff” of steep spending cuts and tax hikes. With the end-of-the-year deadline quickly approaching, John Boehner, the U.S. House of Representatives Speaker, and President Obama planned a meeting at […]

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Geely Gets First Prize In “China Automotive Industry Science And Technology Award”


The annual award ceremony of “China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award,” held in Beijing on December 1, 2012 named Geely’s project “Geely Car Safety Technology R&D and Industrialization,” the first-prize winner, which is the highest award given in the Chinese automotive industry. For the first time, the award was given to a specialized technology […]

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Germans Demand To Allow Fake Names Rejected By Facebook


Facebook Inc. intends to fight a demand by a German privacy watchdog to allow users to register using fake names, insisting on Tuesday that its practice currently complies fully with the law. The social-networking site based out of California has required its users to register with their real names for a long time. A policy […]

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