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Tim Bogar Bites Back

Red Sox

The arrows continue over Bobby Valentine’s reign of error when he managed the Boston Red Sox. Tim Bogar, the bench coach with the Red Sox, rejected Valentine’s accusation that the staff of the Boston team undermined him. Bogar told ESPN Boston that this is completely wrong. Bogar said that it bothers him because of what […]

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Oklahoma Sooners Doing Good In Backfield

Oklahoma Sooners

When you hear Barry Switzer’s name, most people think of the Dallas Cowboys or his arrest for arriving at an airport with a loaded handgun in his carry-on bag. Of course, by accident. However, when you mention his name to Oklahoma Sooners fans, you may get regaled with stories of the former sideliners national championships […]

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Minivan Crashes Into Classroom Injuring Eight Students

minivan crashes into school

A man was taken into custody after his minivan veered off the road and slammed into a school in St. Albert, Alberta Canada. Eight children were injured, and three suffered critical injuries. One later died at the hospital. Brett Albert had settled into his classroom when he heard a loud crash, followed by screams. He […]

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Decapitation May Be Gang Related

gang related

Gruesome killing might have been an underworld drug-lord message from rival gang. The grisly murder involving a severed head found in an alley in the City of Edmonton and a body found in a nearby town might be gang-related. It is believed that a message to a rival criminal was the motivation behind the severed […]

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Dozens Of People Killed As Homes Razed In Myanmar


Ethnic violence flares between Buddhist and Muslim communities. KYAUKTAW, MYANMAR – A minimum of 56 people have been killed and almost 2,000 houses destroyed in the latest ethnic violence outbreak in western Myanmar according to a report on Thursday from a government official. The 31 women and 25 men were reported dead in four state […]

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Ottawa Appealing BC Court Ruling Allowing Assisted Suicide

assisted suicide

‘Protect the vulnerable,’ federal government urges court. VANCOUVER – Legalized doctor-assisted suicide demeans the value of life and may lead to vulnerable people taking drastic steps in “moments of weakness,” the feds argued in its appeal of the British Columbia Supreme Court ruling. Ottawa is defending the prior law that banned the practice of assisted-suicide […]

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Obesity War Doesn’t Have A Fat Chance Of Succeeding

war on obesity

Doctors in Ontario launched an attack this week – not about wait lists, rationing services, health-care reform, meddling bureaucracy or death boards. This week the Medical Association declared war on obesity – The enemies in the war are the people of Ontario and their freedom to decide what they want to eat. How they intend […]

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Good News About Sharing Good News

Sharing good news

It is common knowledge that misery loves company, however a new study found that happiness also craves an audience. Researchers found that sharing good news magnifies its positive benefits, more than the pleasure that comes from the social interaction and reliving the event does. The boost is overwhelming and individuals who share up-lifting news to […]

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Poor iPad Sales Weighting Down Apple Stock

Apple Inc. stock down

SAN FRANCISCO – Apple Inc. handed another quarter of luster less results as sales fell below Wall Street targets, pushing iPad stock down over 1%. Apple, the world’s most valued electronics firm whose share price toyed after a few hours with sub-$600 US levels for the first time since August, brought expected results. The company […]

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Inadequate Cyber-Security Data Impedes Auditors

cyber security

Auditors were not able to determine if hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for cyber-security did what it was supposed to because of too few of details received by departments on how they used the cash, according to the auditor general. Michael Ferguson’s report discovered that of the $780 million one-time spending approvals, along […]

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