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President Barack Obama Seeks Arab ‘Reform’

Arab Reform

UNITED NATIONS — President Barack Obama, with his political policies facing adversity abroad and pressures at home, defended how he is handling the uprisings that are currently sweeping the Middle East when he took his turn on the world stage ahead of the U.S. November elections calling for Arab reform. The president’s Tuesday address to […]

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Serial Killer Bobby Jack Fowler’s DNA Linked To 3 British Columbia Cold Cases

HIghway of Tears

The DNA of serial killer, Bobby Jack Fowler has been linked to the 1974 death of Colleen MacMillen, 16. The R.C.M.P. in B.C. are requesting the public’s help to reconstruct the movements of Bobby Jack Fowler, an American convict, who may have caused the deaths of three or more women in the interior of B.C. […]

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Greece Bailout Extension Would Cost An Additional €15bn

Greece Bailout

GREECE – According to the countries’ finance minister on Tuesday, a Greece bailout extension of two-years would require an additional €13 -15bn in funding. This is the first time that Athens has put a financial amount on its plea to be given extra time to get its financial situation in order. Greece may also ask […]

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Chris Brown Faces A Probation Hearing, After Failing Drug Test

Chris Brown fails drug test

Chris Brown failed a random drug test when he tested positive for marijuana and Brown is facing a hearing to decide if he violated his probation for his 2009 assault on his girlfriend at the time, singer Rihanna. According to the Associated Press, Brown, an R&B singer was in court Mon Sept 24 for the […]

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Indian Oil Giant Denies Bid For A Stake In Canadian Oil-sands

Canadian Oil sands

MUMBAI, India – A state run Indian oil giant and Oil and Natural Gas Corp. denied, on Tuesday, that it together with two other oil companies, (also run by the sate), have put in a joint bid of $5 billion for a stake in six Canadian oil-sands’ assets currently owned by American energy giant ConocoPhillips, […]

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Automobile Industry Anticipates Chinese Road Blocks

Automobile Industry

Pollution, a weakening economy, and congestion are curbing the need for vehicles out East. Auto makers saw a gold paved road in China – which accounts for almost 25% of global auto sales – and buyers in China are fond of foreign brands, with Volkswagen taking the largest auto-market share in China. However, automobile sales […]

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What Comes Next In The Apple And Google Maps Wars?

Google Maps

While Apple Inc. is taking a lot of heat for deciding to offer users a second-rate map application on its iPhones, a lot of attention is being given to the business idea of dropping Google maps and choosing to build its own. The latest move means that customers who now pay a type of strategy […]

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Studies Firmly Link Sugar Drinks To Obesity


New studies strongly tie soda drinks and other sugary drinks to the obesity epidemic. A large study done over decades, which involved over 33,000 Americans yielded clear proof that drinking beverages containing sugar interacts with weight genes, and amplifies a person’s chances of becoming obese, beyond what it would from heredity alone. This translates to […]

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Travel Deals: Major Deals At New York Hotels


NEW YORK: If you’re looking for travel deals, check out New Yorks’ Hotel Week. New York City is known for its pricy hotel rates, and ranks among the highest in the United States. However, tourists can save a bundle, if they pick their travel time wisely. New York’s city’s second annual Hotel Week runs from […]

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New Healthy Eating Book: Menu Confidential Strategies For Smarter Eating

Healthy eating

A new book written by Canadian health reporter, Megan Ogilvie, titled ‘Menu Confidential Strategies For Smarter Eating,’ provides some shocking truths about what we eat. According to Ogilvie, a plate of nachos has up to the same amount of fat as 40-strips of bacon; movie popcorn’s fat content is equal to 10 McDonald’s hamburgers; and […]

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