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Researchers Say An Aggressive Approach To Diabetes Is Needed


An aggressive and early approach for people on the verge of developing type 2 diabetes is needed to reduce the number of cases, according to a new study. People on the cusp of diabetes have high blood sugar levels, that haven’t yet reached diabetic levels. A study performed in the US and published in the […]

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Healthcare: Most American’s Won’t Be Happy With Any Ruling

health insurance

The majority of Americans will be ticked off no matter which way the U.S. Supreme Court Rules in its healthcare decision, according to a new poll. The survey, completed by the Pew Research Center discovered that regardless of whether or not the law is upheld, struck down, or kept intact, less than half of those […]

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Food Allergies Are Found More Often In City Kids

Outdoors good for food allergies

A new study found that food allergies are found more often among kids who live in cities, than children who live in less populated areas. Researchers discovered that kids with a food allergy was 9.8% in cities, 7.2% in suburban areas, and 6.2% in rural areas. Prior studies found that those who live in cities […]

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The Golden Gate Bridge Is 75 Years Young

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, an infamous orange painted span, has finally gotten a visitor center and a large gala was held in San Francisco the weekend of Memorial Day to celebrate the monument’s 75th birthday. The Gala included films, exhibits, and more. Just before its birthday the bridge got an early birthday present – a […]

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In The Next Four Years Internet Traffic Will Quadruple

Internet Traffic

According to Cisco, Internet traffic is getting aggressively busier and busier. It is expected that web traffic, four years from now, in 2016, will hit 1.3 zettabytes – which for the average person equates to a trillion gigabytes. According to a recent report released by Cisco, by the year 2016, global IP traffic annually will […]

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Lady Gaga Canceled Her Indonesia Concert Because Of Security Concerns

Lady Gaga

On Sunday Lada Gaga canceled a concert in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, due to security concerns because of Islamic group objections to her “vulgar” style. Big Daddy Entertainment, a local promoter, said on its site that the sold-out June 3 “Born This Way Ball” concert was canceled and ticket holders will receive a […]

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LinkedIn Provides More Details On Recent Security Breach

Linked In

LinkedIn Corp, currently under fire for deficient network security measures after millions of user passwords were exposed by hackers, said on Saturday that it had completed disabling all the accounts affected by the hacking, and didn’t think other member accounts were at risk. The firm, a business professional social network, has promised to beef up […]

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Microsoft Tormented By Software Piracy And Copyright Infringement


Microsoft has submitted 500,000 take-down requests to Google in the last month alone, because of issues related to software piracy and copyright infringement. If you take this number and estimate how many requests there are in a year – it would work out to around 6 million websites trying to distribute Microsoft applications or operating […]

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One-way Flights Are On Their Way Back

Air Plane

One-way flights are making a come-back. Rather than paying high airfare and having to schedule a return date before take off, travelers again have the freedom to save money and add more places to their itinerary. In the past, one-way fares were usually associated with backpackers and long-term travelers; however, more and more people now […]

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Stricter Sunscreen Labels To Come Into Effect In 2013


Stricter sunscreen labels are on their way in 2013 – As the temperature rises, people will be going outdoors a lot more, and along with this increased exposure to the sun comes higher sunburn risks, which leads to skin cancer. As a result, people are being warned to protect themselves adequately. During the summer of […]

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