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Charlie Sheen To Liven Up The MTV Movie Awards

Charlie Sheen

According to recent reports, a new Angry Birds theme park is supposed to be opening in the UK during the summer. The popular mobile phone game will get a second theme park, which will open at the end of the summer in the town of Nottingham, according to reports in the UK’s Daily Telegraph, and […]

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Arthritis Treatment May Cause Liver Damage

Arthritis pain

According to a new study, flavocoxid, an arthritis treatment advertised to be a powerful relief for joint inflammation, may cause significant liver damage in some cases, and doctors should advise their patients not to take it. Data from the records of 877 patients, were followed by the national Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network, and reported in […]

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A Facebook Smartphone Is On Its Way In 2013

Facebook Smartphone

Facebook is planning to launch its own smartphone version by 2013, according to reports. The New York Times, cited unnamed sources, which included employees of the social- networking giant, that suggested the company is in the process of hiring smartphone engineers. Facebook has admitted that it is struggling to profit from its enlarging mobile phone […]

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Eurozone Agrees To $126b Bailout For Spain

eurozone bails out Spain

Eurozone finance ministers reported that they have agreed to lend up to 100 billion euros or $126 billion to Spain to assist the countries’ wavering banks. Madrid has said that it will know precisely how much money it will need once it in in receipt of two independent audit reports, expected in a little over […]

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TripInsurance.com – Preferred Travel Insurance for JROTC Seamanship Program

trip insurance

LeaderSail (leadersail.org) has recommended TripInsurance.com as the best travel insurance provider for comprehensive travel coverage for high school cadets who are involved in at-sea training programs, in the British Virgin Islands. LeadersSail trains JROTC cadets and provides programs for development training and signed the website as the preferred provider for students who participate in their […]

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How Much Government Surveillance On The Internet Is There?

government internet surveillance

Google’s latest Transparency Report unveils how much government surveillance really goes on. The Transparency Report, is a report from Google detailing how often the search engine supplies the government with private Internet company data. For around two years, California technology giant, Mountain View, has released the number of requests from the government for Google’s user […]

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China Is Planning A Manned Space Flight In June

Rocket Space flight

China has reported that it intends to complete a manned space flight sometime in the middle of June. According to reports provided to Xinhua, a state news agency, it will transport – three astronauts, which will include possibly one woman – to the Tiangong 1 space station module. This will be the fourth manned space […]

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The War Between Apple And Google Is Heating Up

Apple Inc Logo

More than ever before Apple, the consumer-electronics powerhouse, finds itself in battle with Google, the online search giant – in cloud computing, smartphones, and the ongoing contest to win over the hearts and minds of the top software developers. On Monday, Apple is expected to launch its new mapping application, which will challenge Google Maps […]

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The American Debt Load Is Rising At The Slowest Rate Since The 1950s


  WASHINGTON — Everyone is aware that the US has too much debt, but what they don’t know is that the situation is improving, not getting worse. The economy is slowly reducing its debt, by repairing the damage resulting from 10, 20, or 30 decades of excess. For those wondering why economic growth has been […]

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Debt Collection: How To Protect Yourself From Telephone Scams


According to an ABC News “Nightline” investigation, there is a new “phantom” debt collection scheme targeting hundreds of thousands of Americans. The scammers use bullying techniques to threaten cash-strapped Americans to pay money that they don’t owe. They phone and tell their victims that they will go to jail for six months, and while they […]

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