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A Lot Of Young Adults Go Without Health Insurance


Close to 40% of young adults between the ages of 19 – 29 went without health insurance for part, or all, of 2011, according to a report in the Commonwealth Fund. The researchers, got their data from a survey of 1,863 people, and additionally found that over one in three young adults were paying off […]

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Obama Increases Pressure On Europe To Fix The Euro Crisis


PARIS – the president of the United States, Barack Obama, is turning up the heat on European officials to fix the euro crisis. He is currently in talks with the leaders of Italy, Germany and France to assist them with laying the groundwork for action prior to a session of summit meetings, which will be […]

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Modern Day Birds May Be Dinosaurs That Didn’t Develop


According to researchers, the birds of today may be dinosaurs that didn’t develop. Remarkable similarities were found following a comparison of bird skulls with juvenile dinosaurs’ fossilized skulls. This development is further proof to the growing belief that modern-day birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. A group from the University of Harvard reported online in […]

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Life’s Building Blocks Found On Mars


New meteorite research proposes that life’s basic building blocks are found on Mars. The study, published in the journal Science, discovered that carbon found in 10 meteorites, over a four-billion year time span of Martian history, derived from the planet and not because of Earth’s contamination. However, the research additionally found that Martian carbon didn’t […]

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Prostate Cancer Screening Is Not Worth The Risks

Prostate Cancer

  According to a U.S. panel, funded by the government, screening prostate cancer, which is used by 50 percent of men over 40, is not worth the negative side effects, caused by the treatments that aren’t necessary and should not be used as a way to diagnose the cancer. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force […]

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Chemical Exposure Damage Is Passed Down Through Generations

Refinery at Night

  New research has found that exposure to widely used chemicals can cause changes in rats, which are passed down through many generations. David Crews, a researcher at the University of Texas, and co-author of the study, said that we are currently the third human generation after the chemical revolution began, when humans were first […]

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Houses In The Foreclosure Process Make Up 25% Of First-Quarter House Sales


NEW YORK: Houses in one stage of foreclosure or another accounted for over one in four house sales during 2012’s first-quarter, according to a report released by RealtyTrac on May 31. Depressed properties, which were either in default, owned by the bank, or scheduled to be auctioned made up 25 percent of all residential house […]

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NYC Mayor Suggests A Ban On The Sale Of Oversized Sodas

Child drinking unhealthy bottled soda

NEW YORK – Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Wednesday that he wanted a ban placed on the sale of large sugary drinks and sodas to combat the growing obesity crisis. His announcement echoed across the nation as health experts, talk-show hosts and companies in the beverage industry deliberated over the country’s first-ever proposal. The soda ban […]

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Australian Dollar Climbs From Its Six-Month Low

Australian Dollars

The Australian dollar has gone up from its six-month low, due to better than anticipated domestic capital expenditure data. On Thursday at 1700 AEST, the $A traded at 97.21, down from Wednesday’s trading at 97.93. The Australian dollar was at 78.44 euro cents; down from 78.53 cents, and at 76.61 Japanese yen; down from 77.81 […]

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Groupon Is Testing A New Service While It Joins The Mobile Payment Battlefield

Groupon Website

  The daily deals company, Groupon is testing a new payment system which will put it in direct competition with PayPal and Square. Groupon has started testing a new mobile credit card reader, while it encroaches on a domain created by Square that Paypal has also entered. However, the company has set itself apart, with […]

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