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Donna Summer Gone at 63

Donna Summer

The queen of Disco, Donna Summer, passed away on Thursday at the age of 63, after a long battle with lung cancer. Her family in a statement on the day of her death, said that Donna Summer had many gifts, and her biggest one was her faith. While they are grieving her passing, they say […]

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Facebook Flop: Stakes Were High On The First Day Of Trading

Facebook icon glass blue, isolated on white background

Mutual fund companies, major stock exchanges, and brokerage firms were geared up for Facebook to go public on May 17, and with all the extensive publicity all were hoping things would go smoothly. But the big bang in shares, didn’t happen. Buyers didn’t race to the market to snatch up the social network’s shares. Forcing […]

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Hong Kong: Where Do The Hipsters Hang Out?

Hong Kong Kowloon Skyscrapers

  Hong Kong has plenty of night life – Central has members-only clubs: Tsim Sha Tsui: its cigar lounges, while Wan Chai and Mongkok both provide earthier entertainment. If, however, you are seeking out an upscale bohemian vibe, there is Sheung Wan, a place to hang with creative hipster types. In the last couple of […]

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Fructose Makes Rats Less Intelligent – What Sugars Should We Be Aware Of?

Strawberry in Sugar

  Fructose, a simple sugar, which is found in soft drinks, was linked to learning impairments in a recent rat study. Fructose can come from a lot of different sources, including juice, corn syrup and table sugar. In the study performed by UCLA, rats were fed drinking water laced with fructose for a period of […]

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Google Searches Made More Human With Knowledge Graph


Google has once again made changes to its search engine (the Knowledge Graph), in order to provide instant answers to search questions by making the website’s algorithms act more like humans, according to a recent company blog post. Google is following similar steps taken by its rival, Bing, to offer added search information beyond the […]

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HTC Shares Fall As Patent Case Delays Sales In The U.S.


TAIPEI – Sales in the U.S. of two smartphones from Taiwan’s HTC Corp have been delayed because of a patent dispute with Apple Inc., the latest blow to the company while it is attempting to pick up declining sales in what used to be its biggest market. HTC shares dropped over 6% after their smartphone […]

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General Motors Announces It Will No Longer Advertise On Facebook


General Motors feels their Facebook advertisements have a small effect on its consumers, so the company has decided to stop Facebook advertising, even though the social network is going public soon. The recent decision by GM, the third-largest American advertiser, identifies the first major crack in the strategy of Facebook, and reinforces doubts that advertising […]

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New Study Claims Coffee Lovers Have A Lower Risk Of Death


According to an American study of 400,000 people it was found that older people who drank a couple of cups of coffee each day, were less likely to die than those who reported they had never had it, or rarely did. Specifically, coffee was associated with lower risks of dying from infections, heart disease, stroke […]

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The Solar Eclipse This Weekend Will Be The First In 18 Years

Image of a solar eclipse

This weekend, keep your eyes toward the sky, because there is a special solar eclipse on the horizon. The spherical eclipse, where the moon will pass directly in the path of our view of the sun on Sunday May 21, is the first one of its type in 18 years. However, it will not be […]

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Is China getting Too Old Before It Can Get Rich?

Night View of Shanghai, China

  The miraculous economy of China came with an amazingly rapid ageing population. Is it possible that growing old too quickly will impede China’s chances of getting rich? Wherever Shanghai goes, China follows, and although the city is state-of-the-art, it is also one of the fastest ageing countries in the world. You can tell by […]

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