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Mel Gibson To Star In “Machete Kills,” – Directed By Robert Rodriguez

Mel Gibson

According to The Hollywood Reporter announcement on Monday, foul-mouthed, and hot-headed actor Mel Gibson may be releasing his rage in the “Machete” sequel, which will be directed by Robert Rodriguez. The Magazine said that during Gibson’s talks with the project creators he will co-star with Danny Trejo in the movie “Machete Kills.” Trejo will be […]

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Latest, Sneakiest Flashback Malware Even Infects Mac Computers

Flashback Malware Even Infects Mac Computers

A new sneakier version of the Flashback malware was found by the French security firm Intego, yesterday. The virus, named Flashback.S by Intego uses the identical Java vulnerability used by an earlier version, which has infected around 820,000 Mac computers since it appeared, and continues to plague more than 600,000. However, unlike Flashback.K, the initial […]

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Dark Chocolate Might Lower Heart-Disease Risks

Dark Chocolate

  A recent study found that dark chocolate reduces blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol, while raising good cholesterol levels. Thus, lowering the risk of heart disease. Chocolate contains what is called flavonals, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Prior research studies have found a link between cardiovascular disease risks and flavonol. The study completed […]

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Student Loan News – On July 1 The Interest Rate On Stafford Loans Will Double

Student Loans

  According to an NBC report by John Yang, the interest rate on a student loan from the Stafford program will rise to 6.8% (double), which will make it even harder for students to pay for their education. Yang said that a financial time-bomb will go off if Congress does not act, once the popular […]

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Home Sales In The U.S. Dipped Slightly In March

House Sales

Home sales in the United States dropped a little last month, on a month-on-month basis; however, they were up compared to prices in March of last year, according to statistics provided this week by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). NAR told OPP that the prices of homes are showing stabilising signs, and inventory levels […]

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Technology Groups Pushing For Cyberthreat Info-Sharing Bill


  Several tech trade groups want the United States Congress to a pass a controversial cyberthreat info-sharing bill, even though civil liberty and digital rights groups have voiced their concerns about privacy issues. The United House of Representatives may vote next week on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA. Dean Garfield, CEO […]

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Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processor – 20 Z77 Motherboard Tests Performed


Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor is now on its way. One challenge that will be faced by users when they are deciding whether they will upgrade to this unique processor, is what motherboard to use. Personal computer enthusiasts have been briefed about Intel’s new processor, which will be introduced shortly and will be called the Ivy […]

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Expect Deep Discounts On New Nokia Lumia Phones

Nokia Lumia

STOCKHOLM— The Chief Executive Officer of Nokia Corp. says that the sales of its new Lumia smartphones has demonstrated mixed results, so he intends to lower prices of the company’s latest Lumia devices “deeply” in an effort to stimulate sales, so the company can compete with its Asian rivals in arising markets. Stephen Elop, the […]

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Hybrid Cars – The Focus of A Nation

Hybrid Car

  China has made the industrialization of plug-in hybrid cars, and pure electric vehicles the focus of its plans of developing alternative-energy vehicles by the year 2020. The action, in part a way to upgrade the automobile industry, was accepted by China’s State Council on Wednesday. The first-time proposed plan – industrializing plug-in hybrid and […]

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Credit Fraud Expected To Double By 2016

Credit Fraud

  In 2011 Australians were robbed of $1.4 billion because of personal-finance scams, credit fraud, and identity theft. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) survey data found that around 1.2 million – close to 7% of teenagers and adults – said they have been victims of fraud, personally. Credit fraud was the highest – 55%; […]

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