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Samsung Beat Out Nokia As World’s Largest Smartphone Co.


  Samsung became the world’s smartphone leader in 2012s first quarter, and overtook Nokia for the first time ever. Apple, on the other hand, kept their position as the biggest manufacturer of smartphones. IHS, a market research firm, estimated that Samsung shipped around 92 million phones, while Nokia only shipped 83 million. Shipments for both […]

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‘Avengers’ Brings In $178.4M Overseas

The Avengers Movie

  LOS ANGELES — “The Avengers” saga lived up to its name with overseas ticket sales of $178.4 million days prior to opening in the U.S. The blockbuster will open in United States theaters Friday after its launch in 39 other countries. The colossal launch overseas, will help spur the frenzy already anticipated by American […]

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Study Says – Teens With Type 2 Diabetes Have Trouble Managing It


Teens with Type 2 diabetes, brought on by obesity, participated in the study, and in three of the treatment methods provided half of the participants weren’t able to keep their blood sugar under control. The new research sends a strong warning to teens who are overweight: If you get diabetes, you will have trouble controlling […]

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Diabetes – Teens Finding It Difficult To Manage


LOS ANGELES — A new study sends a firm message to obese teens: If you get diabetes, you will find it very hard to manage it. A federally funded study, released on Sunday, tested many ways of managing blood sugar in teens who were newly diagnosed with diabetes, and discovered that almost half of the […]

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Drastic Tax Changes Advised Due To Climate Changes


According to independent government research, adapting to climate changes brings about the need for changes in the Australian economy; which involves getting rid of property tax exeptions, that discourage families from leaving areas that are prone to extreme weather. A Productivity Commission draft report released April 26 called for a close analysis of disaster relief […]

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Lindsay Lohan – A Diva On The Set Of Glee

Lindsay Lohan

  Everyone is hoping Lindsay Lohan will make a comeback, but she is making it very hard. Lohan 25 seems to be having trouble comprehending what she has to do in order to get her acting career, on the right track – know her lines, show-up when she’s supposed to, be professional and pleasant. Lindsay […]

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Spain – S&P Downgrades Credit Rating


NEW YORK — S&P – Standard & Poor’s downgraded the credit rating of Spain by 2 on Thursday – the latest indication that the crisis in Europe is again gaining momentum. S&P says that the downgrade from A to a BBB+ for Spain is a reflection of their view of the mounting risks to the […]

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Wi-Fi Networks Are To Easy To Hack

Wi-Fi Network

  According to experts, at least 20% of Wi-Fi networks used by Australians in their homes are hackable by using easy to get technology. A researcher told a Sydney Morning Herald reporter that the most people can do is have a strong password, although even ‘password security’ is a misconception. Stilgherrian, a technology commentator and […]

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Wind Farms Affecting Some Holiday Plans To The UK

Wind Farms

According to a recent survey, one-fifth of the people are saying that wind farms have affected their holiday decisions over where in the UK to go; however, more than half who took the survey didn’t agree that the turbines spoil the countryside look. The research, completed on behalf of VisitScotland, was published one day before […]

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Apple Update: Profits Almost Double on iPad and iPhone sales


SAN FRANCISCO -Apple Inc.s’ (AAPL) fiscal second-quarter profits almost doubled as the authority in consumer electronics reported powerful sales of its iPad, iPhone and Mac products. According to the latest update: Apple profits are up 94% compared to last year; highest were the iPad, iPhone and Mac sales in 2012s first quarter; and total cash […]

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