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Overeating May Double Chances Of Memory Loss

Memory Loss

Increasing calories every day may not only negatively affect your waistline, it may also cause memory loss. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz recently revealed that large caloric intakes – between 2,100 – 6,000 calories every day – may potentially increase risks of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) by double, in people 70 years […]

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Randy Moss Is Planning His NFL Comeback

Randy Moss

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Six months after his retirement, veteran NFL wide receiver, Randy Moss, wants to return. On Monday, Moss’ 35th birthday, he told webchat that he is planning to return. Joel Segal, his agent, wouldn’t get into available options for his client. He would only say that they have discussed the possibility, and Moss […]

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Apple’s Stock Powers Past $500

Apple Store

  For the first time, Apple shares soared over $500 per share, on Monday. Due to the popularity of Apple’s mobile devices, its stock continues to rise knocking down thresholds in its wake. The latest was a new record, where stock rose from $9.18 higher to $502.60. In January, Apple took over ExxonMobil as being […]

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Whitney Houston’s Body Is Being Flown To New Jersey For Her Funeral This Saturday, Source Says

Whitney Houston's Body Is Being Flown To New Jersey

Los Angeles – How Whitney Houston died is officially still a mystery, although there has been widespread speculation in the media. But Los Angeles Country corner Assistant Chief Ed Winter downplayed the possible role of drugs on Monday. Winter said that there were few prescription bottles found in Houston’s hotel room after she died. The […]

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A Century of Sleep Guidelines For Kids Is Challenged

children sleeping

If you are a parent who feels like you have failed to ensure that your children are getting enough sleep you may find it comforting that your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, failed as well. This is according to a recent study released in the journal Pediatrics on Monday, that found kids haven’t gotten the recommended […]

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iPad Outsold Samsung Galaxy Tab On Their Home Soil


  The world-wide dominance of iPad over Android competitors continues, and the demand is so overwhelming that recent predictions see Apple’s tablet outdoing its rival Samsung, even in its home market in South Korea. Since the iPad debuted in November of 2010, it is estimated that the company has sold over one million units of […]

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Severe Depression – Is Ketamine A Quick Fix?

Severe Depression

The prescription-drug Ketamine, nicknamed “Special K” on the street, has been used for decades as an anesthetic, and is currently being tested by Houston researchers to see whether it will work as a quick fix for severe depression. A group of researchers at the Neuro Psychiatric Center, beside the Ben Taub General Hospital, are testing […]

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Email Giants Are Moving To Lacerate ‘Phishing’


  Email-service providers AOL Inc., Yahoo Inc., Google Inc., and Microsoft Corp. are behind new efforts intended to drastically cut down the number of “phishing” emails – that attempt to coherce receivers into believing that email sources are legitimate, by tricking them. These companies, together with other business types like financial-service companies, eBay Inc.’s Paypal, […]

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Indianapolis Fans Are Hopeful That Peyton Manning Will Stay

Peyton Manning

  INDIANAPOLIS – With Super Bowl 46 coming soon, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay, and mending quarterback, Peyton Manning have stopped discussions over Manning’s undetermined future. However, fans, aren’t finding this so easy. Isray spoke during the Monday’s Super bowl Host Committee’s news conference. The committee, has been engaged in preparations of […]

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