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Who Feels Pain More, Women Or Men?


  When rated on a scale of 1 -10, it may surprise some that women report that they feel pain more intensely than men. Out of 11,000 electronic medical reports studied, at Stanford Hospital and Clinics, it was found by researchers that women indicated higher pain levels in 47 disorders. They judged the pain on […]

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Having A Baby In The Year Of The Dragon Considered Lucky

The Year Of The Dragon

  Monday began the year of the dragon, which is considered to be the luckiest of all the Chinese lunar years. Some Chinese-Americans and Chinese are committed to welcoming a baby this year, and will get fertility treatments to increase their chances to conceive. Los Angeles lawyer, Evie Jeang, 34 and her husband Vincent, 40, […]

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Starbucks Will Offer Beer And Wine By Years End


Starbucks intends to make beer and wine available in a dozen of its cafes in southern California and Georgia by years end. Starbucks – The world’s largest coffee chain introduced these beverages to one of its Seattle cafes in October of 2010. It now makes beer and wine available, as well as, snacks in the […]

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Seal Discusses Split From Heidi With Ellen


  Singer Seal still wore his wedding ring on yesterday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, when he made his first appearance on television since he and his wife, Heidi Klum, announced their separation. Seal reiterated to Ellen that what they said previously about their split, that they grew apart after a while, was true. They tried to […]

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Dell Announces Alienware Console-Like X51 Desktop


On Tuesday, the Alienware division of Dell announced a descent into a small-form-factor desktop computer, the Alienware X51. The base price is very much unlike Alienware – $699.00 – Even though the processor and graphic card options will boost this price. Currently, its cheapest laptop, the M11x costs $699.00, while the Aurora gaming desktop costs […]

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Burger King Is Starting Home Delivery

Burger King

  Burger King will be rolling out a delivery service at nine of their restaurants in Maryland, and another three in the state of Virginia. An additional six more outlets are preparing to let you have it your way right to your doorstep, for an extra cost. Some believe that consumers who want their Burger […]

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Global Warming Threatens China’s Economic Advance


Global warming is a threat to China’s prosperity march by unleashing floods and droughts, shrinking rivers and cutting crops, according to the Chinese government’s latest climate-change assessment. Which projects major shifts in how they will feed themselves. The warnings contained in the “Second National Assessment Report on Climate Change,” which is a summary of scientific […]

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Home Sales In California Experienced A Drop In December

Home Sales

  A record chunk of Southern California’s home sales by real estate investors, did not do enough to curb the sales slump. With the cumbersome speculator presence, low-cost homes prevailed. This helped to push the area’s median home prices to its lowest level in a year, according to DataQuick, a real estate firm in San […]

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According to Steven Tyler, The Talent On American Idol Rules The Show

Steven Tyler

  The Boston Globe had the opportunity to interview Steven Tyler following the recent press conference for “American Idol.’’ As usual, Aeorsmith’s front-man had lots to say. He was asked if he wanted to be a more critical judge, after he was considered too nice. He said that he could because it is considered “good […]

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Intel Is Fighting For A Smartphone Deal


LAS VEGAS – Since Intel has finally broken into the growing smartphone market, analysts are reporting that they are moving to defend their cut and maybe even build its stability in the future against a hovering competitor. Tuesday Paul Otellini, the CEO of Intel, said at the Customer Electronics Show (CES) that it has linked […]

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