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As House Prices Sag, Consumer Confidence is Rising

House Prices Sag

  Improving conditions in the labor market has lifted U.S. consumer’s confidence to a high that lasted eight months in December. However, continued sagging house prices is an obstacle to economic growth. The sharp sentiment increase that was reported Tuesday by the Conference Board, gave hope to an increase in consumer spending following a weak […]

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Lawsuit Filed For Court To Decide Who Owns A Twitter Account


  What is the cost of a tweet? And how much is a Twitter follower worth? Basically, in economic terms, the financial worth of a Twitter update appears to be negligible. In a business world that evolves around the influence of social media, it represents the difference between an ineffective cold call and a lucrative […]

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Windows Phone Reaches 50,000 Apps

Windows Phone

  Almost 18 months after the launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone, its Marketplace reached a new milestone. According to a count reported on the blog, All About Windows Phone, the collection of games and apps that run on its devices is now sitting a little over 50,000 applications. Over one-third of the apps were included […]

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Sinead O’Connor Ends Her Marriage After Only 16-Days


  Sinead O’Connor, an Irish singer, announced that her recent marriage to therapist Barry Herridge is over. O’Connor wrote on her blog that her fourth marriage ended after 16-days because of disapproval from Herridge’s friends and family. Sinead admitted that the two rushed into their marriage, and it was a mistake. O’Connor says that the […]

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Heart Disease Risk Is Associated With A Stable Resting Heart Rate

Heart Disease

  A Norwegian 10-year population study discovered that there is an increased risk of dying from heart disease after they found a link to the resting heart rate. The study was completed by Ulrik Wisløff, PhD, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway, together with some colleagues. They found that when […]

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Payroll Tax Cut Deadlock Concluded

Payroll Tax Cut

  President Barack Obama won a political conquest after he convinced the Republicans in the House of Representatives to concede to his Payroll Tax cuts. The payroll tax was the focal point of President Obama’s campaign-style expedition that went on for about three months for job legislation seems to have caused a surge to his […]

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Study Reveals That 40% of Police Officers Have Symptoms of A Sleep Disorder

Sleep Disorder

  December 21, 2011 – a survey of 5,000 American and Canadian cops found that 40% of North American police officers have symptoms of a sleep disorder. The study was led by Shantha M.W. Rajaratnam, Ph.D at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. During the study 3693 police officers participated by either on-site screening, […]

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Christmas Travel Time Expected To Go Smoothly


NEW YORK – Many Americans will be taking extended trips this holiday, and it looks as though travel will go without a hitch, in most of the country. According to AAA, approximately 92 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more Christmas Eve to Jan 2, which is more than 1.4 % in 2010. The […]

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U.S. Consumer Spending Points To Declining Growth Momentum

Consumer Spending

  WASHINGTON – U.S. consumer spending was lukewarm in November and business investment declined for the second month in a row, which suggested the economy was losing some momentum. Analysts whittled down forecast growths for the fourth-quarter following the delicate factory and data consumption Friday. However, a lot of them still anticipated the output to […]

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Man Won A Lamborghini, Crashed It, And Intends to Sell It


  Salt Lake City – Only six hours after he took possession of the$380,000 Lamborghini; he put it through a fence. Truck driver David Dopp won the Lamborghini in a contest, then crashed it, and now intends to sell the 640-horsepower convertible. Dopp said Wednesday that he can’t afford the taxes or the insurance. He […]

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