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Pro1 Makes Home Security Accounts Acquisition

Home Security

Protection 1, one of the nation’s largest electronic security providers announces its acquisition of 3000 home security customers from the Utah based ICON Home Security Company, Provo. This is the second acquisition of Pro1 in this year. Earlier the company had acquired 2000 plus commercial security accounts from Sting Alarm, Las Vegas based security firm. […]

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Anxiety Disorders – Treating Pediatric OCD

Anxiety Disorders

According to one IMH funded study published in the American Medical Association on September 21, 2011, for the youth suffering from Anxiety Disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and already undertaking the course of anti depressant can benefit from cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), a kind of psychotherapy. Similar study in adults have shown positive […]

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Internet Security Threats Posed By Recent Facebook Changes

Internet Security

The f8 developer conference held last week brought into effect many changes on the popular social networking site Facebook. The changes have received various reactions from the site users and the security professionals. The new interface of Facebook could be more prone to cyber crimes and internet security threats. The users are exposed to targeted […]

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Tax Loan Approved by Rockdale School Board

Tax Loan

With the changes in the legislature this year, the process of tax calculation and property assessment has been hampered. Owing to this fact the role of tax loan or tax anticipatory notes has come into existence. The city of Conyers and Rockdale County Public Schools has plans to issue TAN to get the required cash […]

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Hybrid Tax Credit in 2011

hybrid tax credit

To promote the green cause, if you are a hybrid car owner or thinking to buy one then depending on the model you own, year of purchase and the number of deductions being already availed, you are entitled to a hybrid tax credit. The alternative fuel Motor vehicle is categorized in four different categories. Different […]

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Invest Money – For Some its a Perfect Time

invest money

With every economy in industrialized nations in a questionable state, many people cringe at the thought of investing money, but it could just be the perfect time to build your portfolio by looking at unique ways to be sure your savings is one day able to actually save you.  With foreclosures in every neighborhood becoming […]

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Online Investing – Way of The Future

online investing

Prior to 1996, an investment portfolio was built by some guy in a cubicle looking you right in the eye. Today, online investing has become the most popular way to stretch your investment dollars.  There are many brokerage houses that have gone online to make much more money. When “investing” was something only handled by […]

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Fuel Efficient Cars – Consumer Report

Fuel Efficient Cars Test

The final test results have been published by the consumer reports. The report files the tests conducted in a span of 7 months and the evaluation was done based on three seasons. The tests were conducted on a number of fuel efficient cars such as: Chevrolet Volt, Honda Civic Hybrid, Lexus CT 200h, Volkwagen Jetta […]

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Established Celebrities with Depression

Celebrities with Depression

Despite suffering from the disease, celebrities with depression have made their way to name and fame. The list includes well known actors, world leaders and various artists. Angelina Jolie, Abraham Lincoln, Princess Diana, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mandy Moore, Sheryl Crow and Sir Isaac Newton are all examples who were well established in their career yet […]

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Hotels in Panama

Hotels in Panama

Panama is both beautiful and relaxing, and it’s inexpensive accommodations are fast making it one of the most popular tourist attractions for families and couples.Depending on the region, Hotels in Panama are available for as cheap as $49 per night, and if you consult with a travel agent far enough in advance, you can find […]

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