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Sex, Facebook And Technology


8 February 2011, U.S. – Facebook has become the preferred tool of the trade for sex workers. A new study by Columbia University estimates that 83% of sex workers use a Facebook profile to promote their ‘services’. Technology is changing the sex industry both in terms of players and ‘promotion’. In the study conducted by […]

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Mobile And Smartphone Big Picture For 2011


7 February 2011, US – In the mobile and smartphone world, things are changing fast. Independent technology and market research company Forrester Research just released its findings for the mobile communication industry. What’s new and interesting? First off, the mobile term has now been officially expanded to include the Apple iPad, the Motorola Xoom, e-readers […]

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Caution On Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Order


3 February 2011, US – It’s finally here. The iPhone 4 is now available from Verizon to existing clients for pre-order. Here’s what you need to know before you jump on this. The 16GB version is selling at $199 and the 32GB for $100 more with a two year contract. You might want to consider […]

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Google Catches Bing Being Stupid


2 February 2011, US – Why do Internet users prefer one search engine over another? Why Google and not Yahoo, Bing, Ask or any other?  What is it about Google that makes them totally dominate the U.S. search engine market share at more than 72% control? There are many factors that have led to Google’s […]

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iPhone And iPad Users Cheated By AT&T’s Rigged Billing System


1 February 2011 – A federal court judge in California has been asked to grant class action status to a lawsuit filed against AT&T. Patrick Hendricks claims AT&T systematically cheats and overcharges iPhone and iPad users on data usage. The allegations include data usage inflation and adding phantom traffic in order to charge extra for […]

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