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Fun And Useful iPhone ‘Communication’ Apps


31 January 2011 – Here are some fun iPhone apps that help you out with communication when you don’t want to communicate (but should), or when you don’t know what to say or how to say what you have to say. iPology. When you really screwed up something with someone or insulted them, and an […]

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Super Health, Jack LaLanne, A Mystery Man And A Recipe


28 January 2011 – America’s Super Health pioneer Jack LaLanne passed away this week of respiratory failure at age 96. He dedicated his life to preaching about health and performed super-human physical feats such as a one mile swim towing 70 rowboats carrying 70 people aboard on his 70th birthday. What was it that inspired […]

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Is Sony PlayStation PSP Next Gen Ready For Nintendo DS3 And iPhone 5?


27 January 2011 – Sony’s portable PlayStation has been losing ground in the software market war thanks to the iPhone. Sony hopes to turn things around with the PSP’s next generation portable code-named NGP.  has revealed the first details on a long-rumored successor to their struggling PlayStation Portable platform. Giving the world a sneak peak […]

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Facebook Throws Away The Greatest Opportunity In History


26 January 2011, US – No one can deny the impact of Facebook on our social existence, whether you are a user or not. It has become woven into the very fabric of everyday life for many of its 500 million users. And yet, with such a unique opportunity to become the greatest company in […]

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Verizon, iPhone 5 And The Smartphone Revolution


25 January 2011, US – There are over4 billion mobile phones actively circulating around the world and only 1.8 billion Internet users. And, as these simple mobile phones are replaced by smartphones, there will be a mobile and Internet revolution. But, how far away are we? It is predicted that smartphones will beat pc sales […]

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New Internet Security And Privacy Solution From Firefox


24 January 2011 – Collection and tracking of personal data by third-party ad servers has been under serious scrutiny after the Facebook app scandal a few months back. While solutions have been offered that are not exactly user-friendly, Firefox developer Mozilla is finally doing the right thing. Mozilla will be adding a new feature that […]

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Clint Eastwood To Make A Star Is Born Again With Beyonce


23 January 2011, US – Oscar-winning actor-director Clint Eastwood will be making a fourth remake of the movie ‘A Star Is Born’ and Beyonce Knowles will be playing female lead. The film is about an alcoholic movie star who helps a young, singer full of dreams find fame while his own career and life are […]

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New Hope For Advanced Melanoma Skin Cancer Victims


20 January 2011 – A new drug gives hope to victims of advanced malignant melanoma (skin cancer). Still in the clinical trial phase and not available by prescription yet, the drug has slowed the expansion of the cancer in half of the 680 patients tested, thereby extending their lives. Tested at the Royal Marsden Hospital […]

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Gaming, Smartphones And Nintendo 3DS


19 January 2011 – The global gaming market is approximately $50 billion in scope, with console gaming making up more than half of that. However, the console market is bound to take a serious hit with the meteoric proliferation of smartphones that’s happening and expected to continue happening increasingly more. Mobile games on smartphones have […]

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Facebook Security, Data-Sharing, Updates And Changes


18 January 2011 – Following Friday’s announcement that Facebook would be sharing yet more user information with app developers, today they’ve announced they’re temporarily disabling the sharing of phone numbers and addresses. Director of developer relations Douglas Purdy said in a blog post that Facebook is “making changes to help ensure you only share this […]

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