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The Secret To Justin Bieber’s Success


31 December 2010 – Justin Bieber dominated the American Music Awards by winning Artist of the Year, Breakthrough Artist, Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album. That’s pretty impressive for a sixteen-year-old. But what is the secret behind his success, if such a thing exists? Though one can say Justin Bieber is talented (and to some […]

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Activa And DanActive Misleading Advertising Results In $21 Million Settlement


30 December 2010, U.S. – The Dannon Company could not back claims of its yogurt and dairy products made in National advertising and must now pay $21 million to settle the Federal Trade Commission charges. Dairy drink DanActive, which is made by Dannon, was being advertised nationwide that the drink helped prevent cold and flu. […]

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McAfee Report: iPad, iPhone And Other Mobile Devices To Be Attacked In 2011


29 December 2010 – McAfee Inc., the world’s largest technology security company just released its Threat Predictions Report for 2011. It seems cybercriminals are changing their focus from emails. The report states that there will be a marked difference in the threat landscape. Although Apple products have been relatively free of botnets and Trojans in […]

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Death By Prescription Drug Abuse On The Rise


U.S., 27 December 2010 — New Research from the University of Colorado reveals increasingly more people dying from abusing or misusing both prescription and illegal drugs. Death by accidental poisoning in some groups is as much as 10 times higher than they were in the late 60s. Drug abuse seems to be higher in all […]

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Continued Increase In Money Spent Shopping Online


26 December 2010, U.S. – This holiday season, consumers spent more money shopping online over last year as confirmed by two reports. The increase from the period of October 31 to December 24 has been reported at 15.4% by SpendingPulse, a report from MasterCard. Clothing led the increase as people seem to be more comfortable […]

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Defense Secretary Confirms Contractor Spending Cuts


24 December 2010, U.S. – The cuts to contractor spending proposed by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates are dramatically less than originally mentioned. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn cleared the issue of cuts in a meeting with local congressional representatives. The planned contractor spending reductions will be in the “service support” category and represents a […]

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Drinking Water Tainted With Probable Carcinogen In 31 US Cities


23 December 2010, U.S. – Hexavalent Chromium, the chemical most people heard about in the “Erin Brockovich” movie for the first time ever, has been found in the drinking water of 31 cities across the U.S from an independent sampling survey. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is strongly encouraging the nation’s water facilities to test […]

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Net Neutrality According To The FCC


22 December 2010, U.S. – It’s a done deal. After more than a year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finally voted 3-to-2 in favor of the Net Neutrality rules. Three high level rules have been laid down. While supporters Chairman Julius Genachowski, Democratic commissioners Michael Copps and Mignon Clyburn are passionately in favor, Republican commissioners […]

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Facebook To Tackle China With Help From Baidu


20 December 2010 — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has built his company to over 500 million users without the Chinese market that’s been blocked by the government censors’ Great Firewall since 2008. Changes may be in the planning stages as Zuckerberg is seen with Robin Li, head of China’s largest search engine Baidu. It seems […]

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Good Things To Come From Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens


19 December 2010, U.S. – It’s hard to imagine High School Musical stars Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens no longer together but it may be all for the better. Effron and Hudgens have been an item for four years before officially breaking up this week. Last night, Vanessa celebrated her 22nd birthday at Las Vegas’ […]

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